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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : Killing Insects

Killing Insects

    killing cockroaches by tony morgan
    image courtesy of Killing Cockroaches by Tony Morgan

    I have been battling ants in my house lately. It is kind of gross because they are getting into the dishwasher. So I have been getting in the habit of just crushing them whenever I see them. The other day I was outside and saw a spider. My instant thought was to squash it. I stopped and thought there was no need. As I walked on, I felt that I had done a good deed letting that spider live.

    That’s weird. It’s just a spider. Immediately I was reminded of a friend of mine from high school, David. We were talking one day about why we decided to be Christians. He told a story of when he was elementary school age, he was outside and saw an anthill. He went over to it and slaughtered them. Just stomping them all. For those with boys, I’m sure you can see your son doing this. Anyways after the fury died done, David felt guilty that he killed them without reason. He felt so overcome that he confessed his sin and gave his life to Jesus.

    I remember thinking as David shared his story that God is so amazing to use anything to bring people to salvation. I also remember thinking that God really did not care about the ants, but He just used it to lead David to Himself.

    My incident with the spider has made me question that last thought. God created these insects. He called them good. As part of His creation they carry with them a part of His good pleasure.

    Do we think God was in a bad mood when He created cockroaches?

    Because He created cockroaches, there must be something in them that He loves. I’m not saying I now love insects, nor am I saying they need to share my house. But there are things that we may not like that God loves.

    My wife saw a woman in the YMCA the other day who was full-out liberal. I mean it was her identity and she wanted people to know it. Anyway, my wife felt God whisper to her that He loved this aspect of the lady. Sure we believe that God loves her, but does He really love her choice of being so passionately liberal? Why not? Can a Christian not be liberal? Are there no aspects of His character in what they are trying to accomplish? She may have been misguided in some ways, but who is perfect. God would rather us be hot or cold. It is the lukewarm He spits from His mouth (Revelation 3:16).

    Jesus, help us to love and build bridges instead of killing others because we personally don’t like what they do. Help us to pray according to your desires for people and our world.

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