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Marriage Blessing and Tips

A Marriage Blessing and Tips

    I have loved being married and hope similar enjoyment for you. Here are a marriage blessings and 10 tips to help your journey.

    Pray Psalm 1

    What Does Psalm 1 Mean for Prayer?

      This is what Psalm 1 means for prayer. You see something God wants then pray for it to happen and ask God for why it might be hindered from you.

      We Blessed only to be a Blessing

      Are We Blessed Only to Be a Blessing?

        Many think we are blessed only to be a blessing to someone else. This sounds spiritual, but it leads to dangerous beliefs. Here are some ways this is wrong:

        roaring water

        Freely Give Grace

          Our calling is to love others with the love that we have received. We received it freely, lavishly, and without expecting anything in return.

          Prayer Candles

          70 Quotes On What Prayer Is

            Want to be inspired by many great pastors and theologians? Check out these 70 quotes on how they define what prayer is.

            Prayer Quotes – D.A. Carson

              Public prayer ought to be the overflow of one’s private praying. – Check out these 10 D.A. Carson quotes on prayer.