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bible study

Hebrews Bible Study

Hebrews Bible Study

    This Hebrews Bible study can be used individually or as a group study. Hebrews will be our focus; this study will be a tour guide to enhance the journey.

    Add Power to Prayer

    2 Ways to Add Power to Your Prayers

      Jesus’ life is awe inspiring which leaves us admiring Jesus. However, Luke 8 shows us how to add power to our prayers and have a life like Jesus.

      A Thankful Heart

      Be Thankful. Don’t Be Anxious

        We all know Phil 4:6-7 tells us don’t be anxious but pray. However when we pray, we don’t always experience the peace. Here is closer look at Paul’s words.

        Book of Philemon explained

        What is the Book of Philemon About?

          Philemon was a personal letter from Paul to a friend asking to forgive a slave. Why was it kept in the Bible? What is the book of Philemon about, really?

          How to pray for others image

          How Do You Pray for Others?

            In Colossians Paul gives us 4 ways to help us with the question, how do you pray for others. These 4 steps will increase your effectiveness in prayer.

            5 Characteristics of Those Who Live in God's Presence

            Who May Live in God’s Presence?

              God wants us with Him, and in Psalm 15 He has left us with a short list of characteristics of those who get to live in God’s presence.