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You Are Only Responsible for Yourself

    We Didn’t See That Coming

    Last month, we had a curve ball thrown our way regarding our move and had to live in Charlotte for a month. We closed on our old house the middle of August and had to move, but our new house wasn’t delayed until the middle of September. So we stayed four weeks in a two bedroom apartment in Charlotte so my husband could be closer to his office.

    As you all know, I am an organized person. And I shared the above story with you not only as explanation, but also to say that no matter how organized we are and how much we want to control our circumstances, many times things just don’t go according to plan. We have great intentions, we talk to the right people, we may even have a contingency plan. But sometimes we are forced to roll with the punches and dodge the curve ball heading straight at us.

    You Are Only Responsible for Yourself

    Things ended up okay, and we are finally in our new home. I found it helpful, and you might too, to realize that you are only responsible for yourself. When circumstances occur that are out of your control, think about how you are responsible to make things better, and try to let the rest go. Having an organized life can reduce stress, but being frustrated with others who are not organized can increase your stress.

    Maybe you could think about your spouse or kids leaving stuff out all over the place, and you always feel the need to straighten up. Maybe you share a cubicle at work with a messy person and it drives you crazy. Maybe your neighbor leaves trash in their unmowed yard while yours is perfectly manicured. Whatever it is, try to just concentrate on being organized yourself and not taking on other people’s organizational hazards. We can only be responsible for ourselves.

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