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Prioritize What Is Important

    It’s hard to believe November is already here! Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner… where has the year gone? It seems like the older my daughter gets, the more time flies. If I don’t slow down to enjoy life, it really does pass me by.

    Fortunately, I am able to stay home with Rachel most of the time (except on Saturdays that I work) and watch her grow up. But even with staying home, I have to be deliberate in my scheduling of time. I have to consider what the most important things in my life are, and make sure I am prioritizing those things.

    As I have thought about this recently, the most important things in my life are God, my husband, Rachel, and taking care of my home. I weeded out a couple of things I was doing that didn’t fit into one of those categories. I suddenly found myself with more time!

    Now we are having people over more often, I can take an occasional nap, and I am more focused with each task I set out to do. Instead of trying to do too much and not doing any of it well, I am doing fewer things better.

    With the holidays coming up, what are one or two things you could remove from your schedule? Or what is one thing that you don’t need to add? The end of the year is busy enough without extra things filling the calendar that you don’t even want to do. Slow down and enjoy your life, kids, and family.

    Finally, remind yourself what the upcoming holidays are all about. For different people, the season is about different things. For me, as a Christian, it is about giving thanks to the Lord for His provision, spending time with the family and friends He has blessed me with, and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

    What is the season about for you? There is nothing wrong with presents… I will buy lots myself. But try to remind yourself when you are getting stressed out shopping or cleaning for company the purpose of the season. Focus on that, and maybe that will improve your attitude, making the days more fun for you and those around you.

    One final thought… being busy isn’t as great as it’s cracked up to be. Napping and having free time is really more fun for me! Happy Thanksgiving!

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