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Praying With Children

    Last night as I was praying with my older daughter and putting her to bed, she was going through her list of people she wanted me to pray for. She decided to add a few new people to the list, and I started thinking how this is like our relationship with Jesus. Here was my daughter just telling me who she wanted to pray for, and I was the one who flushed this out in prayer. Now this is not a perfect analogy, but Jesus lives always to intercede for us. For that matter the Holy Spirit also helps us with our prayers (Romans 8: 26, 34). We bring to them things or people we would like to pray for, and they expound upon our prayers. What a great system the Lord has set up. He calls us to pray, but then He helps us make our prayers more effective. God blesses obedience.

    Here is an example of how this looks like in our family.  This is from a couple years ago, but it gives the same impression of what I experienced last night.

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