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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : 10 Things to Pray for Your Kids

10 Things to Pray for Your Kids

    What to pray for your kids

    Our kids are a blessing from the Lord. For all the wonderful things we are all doing, nothing can be as important as raising our children. You may be winning thousands of people to the Lord, pastoring a megachurch, or even running a nation. No matter how important each of these other things are, God can get someone else to do those jobs. You are the only parents your children will have – you cannot be replaced.

    With this in mind, parenting is not an easy job. Your children will tire you out, get on your nerves, confuse you greatly, and test your faith. We need supernatural help to even hope we will get through this successfully. I put together a quick prayer tool with 10 things to pray for your kids to help you. May this give you hope and confidence that God knew what He was doing when He gave your children to you.

    What to Pray for Your Kids

    1. Lord, may they never remember a time when they didn’t love You or know that You love them.
    2. May they become all You created them to be, growing up and developing in Your timing.
    3. May they enjoy life knowing that You enjoy them.
    4. May they be kind and loving toward others.
    5. May they always know that we love them and believe in them.
    6. May they see themselves as You see them, knowing You have great plans for their lives and have given them all they need to accomplish them.
    7. May You protect them from the ways of the world that would try to pull their hearts away from You.
    8. May they always believe You for great things.
    9. May they easily hear You speaking to them and will go wherever You lead.
    10. May they have the courage to live from their hearts.

    As you pray for your kids these prayers, you may think you need to add a few for yourself. So here are 5 extra bonus prayer points:

    1. Lord, may our marriage give our kids an example for what they want when they marry and a hope for what they can have with Jesus.
    2. May we build into them everything they need from us to prepare them to accomplish all they were created to do.
    3. May we help them build off our success and learn from our failures.
    4. May we fully love You from our hearts and not ask anything from our kids that we are not willing to do as well.
    5. May they see themselves as an overflow of our love for each other. May they know they are significant to us, but not crucial to our relationship with each other.

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    7 thoughts on “10 Things to Pray for Your Kids”

      1. Keep her in prayer. God loves her even more than you do. As you pray and trust God, He will help you love your daughter well and give you comfort through the process.


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      1. Dear Lucy,

        I’m sorry for your situation. I don’t know all the details, but I would assume if he is not able to stop cheating, then he is not able to stay your husband. As long as you continue to take him back before he is willing to make a change, then you are setting yourself up to be hurt all over again. Forgiving is not forgetting what has happened, but allows for a restoration of relationship. But restoration needs to be worked on by both parties, not just your willingness to take him back. He needs to make steps to build back trust. If he is not willing to take those steps, then you need to be free to move on so God can heal your heart. God is for you and wants to help you through this process. I know each step and decision right now is hard. Give yourself grace to do the best you can and not have to get everything perfect.


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