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Passionate Love

    Yesterday Bethel Church of Redding, Ca released there latest worship CD, Be Lifted High. So far, I have liked it very much. One of the songs on there, Furious by Jeremy Riddle reminded me again of something that keeps coming to me during worship: God’s love for us is the love He wants from us. Look at the chorus from this song.

    His love is deep, His love is wide
    and it covers us
    His love is fierce, His love is strong
    It is furious.
    His love is sweet, His love is wild
    And its waking hearts to life

    So often we sing of God’s passionate heart for us. We need to see that this is the same heart He wants in us for Himself. God is looking for people who pursue Him with the same intensity that He pursues us. God’s deep longing for more of our hearts is the same passion God wants us to have of Him.

    So often we ask God to show us a glimpse of Himself. Let us see your face. Let us see more of your glory, goodness, love, what have you. God wants to give us these things. But, He also wants to be wanted and known. We don’t need to twist God’s heart to show Himself; it is a natural response to our offering ourselves to Him.

    You want to know God, then give God more of you. Love is always two-sided. You want to reveal yourself to the one you love and you want to know more of the one you love. God will freely respond on His side. Will our response be as freely given?

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