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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer quotes : John and Lisa Bevere Quotes on Prayer

John and Lisa Bevere Quotes on Prayer

    John and Lisa Bevere Quotes

    Who are John and Lisa Bevere?

    John and Lisa Bevere are the founders of Messenger International, a ministry dedicated to equipping and discipling the nations. They have both written several best-selling books and travel the world speaking and preaching. You can following them on their individual blogs: John's blog and Lisa's blog.

    John Bevere Quotes

    1. The reason so many struggle with faith is that they lack hope. If you have no hope, faith has nothing to give substance to.
    2. It’s one thing to pray, but it’s another thing to be heard.
    3. So if God says pray without ceasing, then He’s willing to communicate without ceasing.
    4. May we be known for building them up in prayer rather than tearing them down with our words.
    5. There is tremendous power when God’s people mobilize in prayer.
    6. You belong to God. This makes you fully capable of hearing His voice.
    7. Interaction with the Holy Spirit enables you to operate on a level far above your own abilities.
    8. Jesus chose not to remain on Earth in human form so that the Spirit of Christ could draw near to you.
    9. When you pray in tongues long enough, your soul quiets down.
    10. When you don’t know what to say or how to pray, the Spirit of Christ living in you does.
    11. Your understanding of the Holy Spirit will mature as your devote yourself to time in His presence.
    12. A healthy prayer life allows you to recognize and respond to attacks from the enemy before they even happen.
    13. Being vigilant in prayer gives you insight into things unseen. It allows you access into the spiritual realm.
    14. Prayer quiets our flesh and builds up our inner person.
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    Lisa Bevere Quotes

    1. God invites us to pray in such a way that it scares what is scared within us!
    2. In all honesty though, if you are not praying the type of prayers that scare you, your prayers are certainly not frightening our enemy.
    3. Stop making prayer your backup plan.
    4. Running to God should be your first response not your last resort.
    5. Praying scary prayers means asking for the impossible and believing it could happen.
    6. Praying scary prayers means surrendering control and letting go of our idea of “better” in exchange for God’s best for us.
    7. Most Christians don’t pray scary prayers, they pray scared prayers.
    8. If you think you’ve blown God’s plan for your life, rest in this: you, my beautiful friend, are not that powerful.
    9. Some of the ways we intercede are to speak up for another as an advocate, speak into a conflict that needs resolution, and stand up for the downtrodden and silenced. The Word shows us when we should get involved, where to find our answers, and ways to right what’s been wronged, and it directs us to the light at the end of the path
    10. Pray in a way that makes room for God’s answer to astound you.
    11. Pray the kind of prayers that scare what’s scared inside of you!
    12. When we know the Word, we pray the Word, and heaven echoes.
    13. The intensity of the enemy’s threats is a reflection of his fear. Don’t cower…pray!
    14. If you are not praying the type of prayers that scare you, your prayers are certainly not frightening our enemy.
    15. When you pray dangerous prayers, your life is no longer safe… boring or small!
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