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How Are You Today, God?

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    Some days you wake just wanting to spend time with God. For me, that was today. I awoke with things I wanted to pray about and some questions to bring to Him. But, before I could even sit down to pray, I felt God was moving me in a different direction. I felt He wanted me to ask Him how He was doing today.

    This led me into an entertaining and enjoyable time with God. I never ended up getting to the things I wanted to ask Him, but I never felt the desire to change the topic to my list of items. Many of us have heard and taught that prayer is a two-way conversation and sometimes we need to just be silent and listen. Today was different for me. I usually think that my listening is just waiting for Him to answer my questions or for Him to give me some insight that would be beneficial to me. Today it really did not have anything to do with me. He just wanted me to pursue Him differently… not as selfishly.

    Today provided me with a new mindset on prayer. When I fly through the ACTS or skip them all together just to get to the supplications, I am communicating to God that I am only interested in Him in as much as He can help me. I hope today’s nudge from God changes the way I approach my prayers.

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