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God’s Coffee Breath

    God's Coffee Breath

    I had the privilege to hear from Carey Casey, the CEO of the National Center for Fathering, on Friday morning. He shared a story about his youngest son Chance that I would like to share.

    When he is not traveling, Carey gets up early to spend time with God in a set room in his house. A some point Chance decided to get up with him and sit on his lap while his dad spends time with God. One day Carey asked his son why he enjoyed sitting on his lap. He said:

    • Your lap is warm.
    • I feel safe.
    • I like your coffee breath.

    This is cute story, but Carey followed this by saying that God whispered to him saying, I want you so close to me that you smell my breath.

    I hope we never get over the great privilege of being close to God and having his desire for us to come to Him. What an amazing thought of being that close to God. To sit in His lap and feel His protection as our Dad.

    • How do you get that close to God?

    1 thought on “God’s Coffee Breath”

    1. I like to imagine being close to God as I pray. I believe I am more personal with my prayers, and it helps me remember to listen to His response. I tend to image God beside me, but I like the idea of sitting on His lap.

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