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Facebook Confessions

    What if Facebook recorded all of the things you have done wrong? How scary would that be? Do you think God is looking at something similar to this Facebook account?

    Confession in our personal prayers often takes the form of dredging up every possible sin to bring before God. There is a scene in the movie, “Luther“, where Martin Luther is spending long hours in the confessional of the monastery to the point where the other priest is getting bored with him. Now I do not think God ever gets bored of us coming to Him. But I do think God wants us to know that sin has been dealt with. The purpose of confession in our prayers is not to get our sins forgiven. They are already forgiven. The purpose of confession is to remind ourselves of this truth and to thank Jesus for the forgiveness given to us. Confession is not to rehash the shame of sin, but to annihilate shame’s very existence in our lives.

    The below video, created by IVLMedia, is a pretty reminder of this truth.

    The Wall from Jivie of

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