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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : Dr. Bright’s Royalty Mindset

Dr. Bright’s Royalty Mindset

    Campus Crusade’s Focus on Influencing Leaders

    The last blog post on Royalty has had me thinking about my time with Campus Crusade. As you have been following this blog, you will know that I love Dr. Bright and Crusade. Both have had a significant impact on who I am and my outlook on life.

    As you learn the history of the organization and the early years, Crusade was going after the influential. When it first started, Dr. Bright was interacting with the athletes and campus leaders. Still in the early years, Crusade brought all their staff to California for the Berkeley Blitz to take Christ to the future leaders.

    The Principle of the Powerful 1%

    One of the things we were taught on staff was the principle of the powerful 1%. This taught that 1% of the population went to college and that these would be the future leaders of the world. If we could reach the college students today, we would in effect change the world.

    I have been thinking about this because while I was on staff many had a problem with going after leaders. “Jesus did not go to the leaders” was the common response. We needed to go to the poor and needy. Without going into the reasons why these are not true, I believe the reason so many have a hard time focusing on leaders is because of the concept of the pauper mentality, thinking we are unworthy.

    Do Christians Have Something to Offer to Leaders

    Many Christians are living their lives with the belief that they have nothing to offer the leaders besides saving faith. When it comes to the real problems leaders face, we believe we have no resources to draw from. It is why we change Jesus command from making disciples of all nations to making disciples in all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). Jesus came to create a revolution and transform society. We are looking to survive.

    Your View of Your Value Affects Your Prayers

    Your view of your value affects our prayers. We have a small expectation on what is expected of us so we don’t partner with God on the things He is wanting to do. Too many people are praying for the President to become a Christian instead of praying for the universal Church to step it up and disciple him on the way he is to lead.

    I’m not saying he is not a Christian, but many believe that if he just makes that prayer he will automatically know the right things to do. It’s as if we believe becoming a Christian would automatically transform our thinking without the need of discipleship.

    Don’t get me wrong; praying for a loved one to come to Christ is extremely important. But, what are you praying for? What is motivating you each day? How can we start engaging God to change the media and how it describes Christians principles such as abstinence and pro-life?

    Ask Jesus what He wants you to be praying for.

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