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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : what is prayer? : giving thanks

giving thanks

One of the most powerful attitudes you can have as a Christian is developing a lifestyle of giving thanks. It enables Spirit to flow in and through you.

Give Thanks in Everything

How to Give Thanks in All Things

    Things happen in life that makes us sad. Giving thanks in all things doesn’t remove our grief, it positions us to see the goodness of God coming from it.

    Worship Out Loud

    Worship Out Loud

      If you’re feeling distant from the Lord, worship out loud. Tell yourself, I don’t care how I feel, I’ll choose to turn my heart toward the One I love.

      A Thankful Heart

      Be Thankful. Don’t Be Anxious

        We all know Phil 4:6-7 tells us don’t be anxious but pray. However when we pray, we don’t always experience the peace. Here is closer look at Paul’s words.

        Thanksgiving Helps Us Enjoy Christmas

        Thanksgiving Helps Us Enjoy Christmas

          Thanksgiving brings together family and friends to enjoy relationships and to remember how God has blessed. This is a perfect start to the Christmas season.


          Giving Thanks in the Process

            Focusing on the sin also hinders you from celebrating the successes you do have. Thankfulness cannot happen if you are too focused on what you don’t have.

            Preparation Through Thanksgiving

            Preparation Through Thanksgiving

              Thanksgiving prepares you to experience God, for more blessing from God, for the peace of God, for God’s joy, and to hear from God.