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Prayer Quotes – Leonard Ravenhill

Prayer is the most unexplored area of the Christian life. / A man who is intimate with God will never be intimidated by men. / Read more Ravenhill quotes:

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What Motivated Gethsemane?

Jesus knew that the spirit was willing, but the body was weak (Matthew 26:41). Prayer connects our body with our spirit to come into agreement with what God is leading us to do. In our body, we get tired, we get hungry, we get needy, we get hurt, we get scared. But in our spirit, we are devoted to God. In prayer we reorient the rulership of our lives from our bodies to our spirit. And even Jesus needed to maintain the proper order in His life. Jesus body did not want to drink the cup; His spirit said yes to God.

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Jesus calms the storm

There is No Fear In Love

During each of these situations, Jesus showed no fear. How did He do it? The answer lies in His ability to remain in love, since love casts out fear.

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