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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : prayer guides : Top Viewed Posts of 2011

Top Viewed Posts of 2011

    Top Ten of 2011

    Dear Readers of the Prayer Coach Blog,

    I decided to do a Top 10 List this year to satisfy my interest and help those new to Prayer Coach find articles they may not have known existed. This list has been compiled by looking at pageviews on posts for this year. I also took into account Facebook likes and Twitter shares (please share any post you like on your social network).

    1. 10 Things to Pray for Soldiers

    This post had immediate success. It was shared on the Christian Prayer Center and shared by its fans to 1,700 Facebook accounts. This holiday season is good time to pray more for these wonderful men and women in the service; many of whom are away from their families at this time.

    2. Prayer Quotes

    It was really hard to pull this part together because if I took them all separately, they would have most of the top ten. These great resources are continually being found on search engines and used by many. To see a complete list of prayer quotes, go to our prayer resource page.

    Here are the list of authors that filled out the top quote pages: A.W. Tozer, Bill Bright, Francis Chan, and E.M. Bounds. It was interesting that Dr. Bright’s quotes were shared heavily on the Stumble Upon network. Each share through any of the social networks is helpful for this site.

    Two other quote pages that made the top list are 70 Quotes on what “Prayer Is” and If God is For Us…

    3. 6 Steps to Deal with Grief

    I personally love this post as it speaks to things that are important to me. Glad to see others seem to be liking it too. This post is not to insinuate that it is grief is quick and easy to process through, but there are some steps to help give direction through the process.

    4. But God Chose to Heal My Heart

    This is post from a friend, Heather Jones. It is part two of four of her story overcoming the grief of losing her daughter. I haven’t had enough stories like these. If you have any please send them my way. Here is a part of Heather’s story for your encouragement:

    I feel like what I’m learning is that the Christian life isn’t a 3 step or 10 step or 20 step process to “get there.”  I AM THERE – I feel like I’ve been learning how to live there.  God has been breaking me of fear and the legalism of “I just need to do this to get that” or “Do this to please God and make Him happy.”  But the truth is God has already given me everything.  I have every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places; I already have God’s total love and delight for me.

    5. What is the Importance of Confession?

    This looks at confession in light of Hosea 2: 5–23. This study is important as it reveals God’s heart in revealing sin in your life. In case you don’t follow the link, it is not to make you feel unworthy or bad.

    6. God is Always in a Good Mood

    This is a simple proof supporting the fact that God is always in a good mood. If you doubt God’s heart for you and the world, be encouraged by this post.

    7. Bill Johnson on Death

    This is popular searched page. When you are a pastor who believes that God still heals today, people are interested in hearing what you believe when God doesn’t heal. This post is based on an ad hoc interview of Bill Johnson.

    8. 7 Tips to a Better Prayer Life

    I was spending time with God last October when I thought of these seven benchmarks to help lead people into a better prayer life. I wish this one post was number one, but making the top ten after only a couple months isn’t too bad.

    9. Our God is a Playful God

    God wants to have fun with us. God wants us to enjoy life. God wants us to know that the life He has for us is better than anything the world can even attempt to offer.

    10. Eulogy for My Brother – God is Good All the Time

    I have been surprised at the search results for this post. This obviously is a personal post and I put it up because I thought it would be helpful to people. I had no idea that so many people would be searching for this type of post. The main point of the post is that even when we are hurting and don’t understand, we can still believe that God is still good.

    I would love to hear from you…

    • What topics would you like to hear about this coming year?
    • What books do you want me to review?
    • Who had a good collection of prayer quotes that I have missed?

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