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Lead a Prayer Meeting

Using 2 Chronicles 7:14 To Lead a Prayer Meeting

There is often no excitement about going to a prayer meeting. Let’s look at 2 Chr. 7:14 for instruction on how to have enjoyable, effective prayer meetings.

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Call to Pray and Act by Chuck Colson and Jim Garlow

In 1996 Dr. Bill Bright started yearly 40-day fasts for revival in our nation. His commitment to this discipline helped many like myself to consider partaking in this valuable gift of the faith. As I have mentioned before, I have completely bought into the benefits of the 40-day fast. I have not always done them […]

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Praying For Our Nation at The Call Sacramento

This coming weekend thousands are joining in California’s capitol to pray for our nation. For the last 10 years The Call has been gathering people to pray and fast for our nation. Go to their site at thecall.com and see how you can join with other in prayer.

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accountability partner

What is the Importance of Accountability?

As Christians we are supposed to confess our sins to one another. But is that it? It doesn’t seem to help. What is the importance of accountability?

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Perplexed About Prayer

I wanted to put up the link to this post because I felt it was an honest evaluation of what is going on inside the mind of a pastor or intercessor who desires to call others to pray. If God has His hand on you to gather people to pray, this post will be a […]

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