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Do You Believe God Answers Prayer?

That is almost a silly question. I’m a Christian – of course, I believe God answers prayer. Do I believe He answer every prayer? Which prayers will He answer?

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faith the size of a peanut

Faith the Size of a Peanut

There are amazine discoveries yet to be found that God wants us to ask Him about. George Washington Carver is a model of how God wants to speak to us.

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Taste Again that the Lord is Good

I enjoyed it because it showed people I know and have had over to my home. Bob and Gloria Bruce have walked with the Lord and have been given a wealth of wisdom and character. I loved that the video showed him eating ice cream, as he says he eats it all the time now. […]

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What If What You Are Praying Against Does Not Happen?

Personally, I choose to believe that God answered our prayers. Is it possible that I was making too much out of it? Yes. But what would you rather believe as a Christian: that God answers prayers or that there is no need to pray? We are told not to be anxious in anything but in […]

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