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Preparing for God's Next Season

Preparing for God’s Next Season

    God is not being tossed to the side waiting for a chance to get back into the discussion. He cares about our world. How do we prepare for God’s next season?

    You have to love yourself

    You Have to Love Yourself

      God doesn’t love others more than you; He doesn’t love you more than others. His love is massive enough for all of us to enjoy. So, please love yourself.

      Your Perspective Your Choice

      Your Perspective is Your Choice

        We all have a choice at what perspective we want to have. Do we focus in on the problems or obstacles? What does God want us to focus our attention on?

        Work out of rest

        How Do You Work Out of Rest?

          If want to work out of rest, you have to spend time with Jesus. He’ll change your perspective, extend your time & resources, and give supernatural results.

          Gain a Fresh Perspective

            Sometimes in life, we just need to gain a fresh perspective. When we change our circumstances, it often changes the way we see things.