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Offering Hope and Future to Orphans

    Orphans naturally feel unwanted. They feel that have no past and no future. The best to hope for is to get by. We want to give them a hope and a future.


    Embrace the Mistakes

      God removed the shame of sin so we may be free. Free to move past our mistakes. Free to focus on what God wants us to focus on… our relationship with Him.

      Why Does God Have to Whisper?

      Why Does God Have to Whisper?

        So many are hungry to hear the voice of God, desperate for something to bring understanding to their situations. Why can’t God speak up?

        Fear Casts Out Love

        Fear Casts Out Love

          If we bring fear into the equation, love is going to leave. Fear casts out love. People eventually rebel when motivated by fear; love keeps us motivated.


          The Shack by William Paul Young

            The Shack by William Paul Young does a great job getting past our preconceived ideas about God and challenges the lies that we believe about Him.


            Lord, Don’t Give Us What We Deserve?

              When we placed our lives in Christ, we exchanged our lives for His. We have no more fear of judgment of sins. We now deserve everything God died to give.