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Why is it hard to follow God?

Why Is Following God So Hard?

    There are two main reasons following God is so hard. If we can overcome these, we will find the abundant life that Jesus promised is not far off.

    Increase Faith for Prayer

    How To Increase Your Faith For Prayer

      What are you more surprised by, when God answers your prayers or not? Most of us don’t expect God to answer us. How do we increase our faith in prayer?

      Am I Gods Friend or Servant

      Am I God’s Friend or Servant?

        Do we start off as a slave or servant of God than you work your way up to a friend or lover of God? Where am I now? Am I God’s friend or servant?

        Challenge Life Faith

        The Challenges of the Life of Faith

          The challenges of the life of faith is real. I’m not trying to elevate my experience, however, I hope to encourage you to press on in your life of faith.

          Endowed You Splendor

          God Has Endowed You With Splendor

            Sure God has endowed Jesus with splendor, but does He want to endow each of us? This is personal journey, but the challenge can change your life.

            Where is the Great Joy

            Where is the Great Joy?

              The angels declared great joy for all the people, but shortly afterward great pain entered the region Jesus came. Where is the great joy that was promised?

              2 Ways to have daily declarations

              2 Ways to Have Daily Declarations

                Take these ways to have daily declarations and daily implement them. They will help you hold to God’s truths to find freedom and get breakthrough.


                Translating God by Shawn Bolz

                  If you are interested in growing in your ability to hear God’s voice for yourself and others, I would recommend Translating God by Shawn Bolz.

                  I wish he'd be more humble

                  A Simple Definition of Humility

                    If God says you’re great, is it humble to say your nothing without Him? … is it humble to deny compliments? Here’s a simple definition of humility: