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10 Things for a Successful Men's Small Group

10 Things for a Successful Men’s Small Group

May this list of 10 things you need for a successful men’s small group will give you confidence to start your own and empower you to see men come alive.

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God May Want Me – Does Anyone Else?

After coming from a belief that nobody wanted me, the only explanation I had for these new friends was because I was good at playing their game.

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why did god move the stone

Why Did God Move the Stone?

Taking on the heart of flesh requires moving out of the heart of stone. The stone has been removed, but you need to move out of the tomb.

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accountability partner

What is the Importance of Accountability?

As Christians we are supposed to confess our sins to one another. But is that it? It doesn’t seem to help. What is the importance of accountability?

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