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Stress Pollutes Your Prayers

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Stress Pollutes Your Prayers

Polluting Our Spirits

Since moving back to China, our city has had extra pollution. There has been a thick fog covering our city blocking the sun and sky. Outside our windows we have a perfect view of factory smoke billowing out (yes the image above is out our window). This pollution affects our view, emotions, and health.

This morning during worship, God brought the environment to my mind. I felt he said stress has the same effect on our spirit. When we feel overwhelmed by what we need to do, what we are being asked to do, or what we want to do, these things begin to fill our minds. Stress evades our thoughts. Anything other than the object of our stress becomes burdens and obstacles – even family, exercise, and time with God.

Paul advises us to not be anxious on anything, instead go after the peace of God through prayer and thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6-7). Jesus tells us cast our cares on Him because His burden us light (1 Peter 5:7 & Matthew 11:30). Stress is not a part of God’s plan for us.

The Wind of God

Just like pollution to the environment, stress poisons our connection with God. With stress our times with God are not based on His agenda but on working through ours. We want His help or His answers to our burdens.

I feel God wants to remove stress from your lives. His presence is blowing around you. He wants us to stop, turn our focus on Him, and breathe deep His peace. Let’s sit in His presence to soak in His calm. This is His desire for us. We will accomplish more for His kingdom and our lives carrying His peace where ever we go.

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