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Prioritize What’s Important

    The summer can be a relaxing time, but it can also be stressful. We have vacations to plan, the kids are out of school, and things can quickly seem to spiral out of control if we are not careful.

    Perhaps now is a good time to either set priorities or revisit ones you have already considered. Everyone has priorities, and by looking at the way you spend your time, you will quickly learn what your priorities are.

    Most people probably spend a lot of time at work. But when you leave work, do you really leave work, or do you constantly think about it and even do more work once you get home? Do you spend most of your time with your spouse, children, or friends? Then they are probably your priority. There are many other possibilities like watching TV, surfing the internet, playing sports, hobbies, shopping, etc.

    One key question to ask yourself is, “What do I want to be remembered for when I die?” If you want to be remembered for being a good spouse and/or parent, go out of your way this month to prioritize these treasured relationships. Carve out extra time in your schedule for your family, and have quality time when you are together. Talk instead of watching a movie. Initiate going for a walk together instead of going your own way for the evening.

    If your priority is to give your free time to volunteer with a charitable cause, then decide how many hours a week you would like to volunteer, and see about adding extra time if you can.

    As we all know, life flies by if we don’t stop to look at it carefully. So take a minute to refocus, then act accordingly. You are in charge of how you spend your time, so spend it wisely. And summer is almost over, so make the most of it before it’s too late!

    Here are some great things to do in August:

    • Weed out old things your kids don’t need anymore to make room for new school things. For instance, clear out clothes, books, and papers they longer need or use.
    • Develop all of your pictures from vacation. Give yourself a deadline (like 2 weeks) to put all of the photos in a book or photo box. Then you can enjoy them and show them off soon instead of two years from now when you don’t remember where you even went!
    • Help lower your summer energy bill by remembering to change your air filter every three months.

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