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New Prayer Quotes E-book

    The most common area of desired growth among Christians is improving their prayer life. There are many potential reasons for this. It could be feeling distant from God, poor discipline, thinking they are not important enough for God’s time, or just a general lack of effectiveness. Whatever the case may be, I have created this website to help people feel more confident in their prayers.

    One aspect of this has been slowly collecting prayer quotes over the last six years. These quotes shares other people’s experience with prayer and encouragement on how we can get more out of it. The vast variety will show there are many ways people connect with God, which can free up your own connection.

    Prayer Quotes E-Book

    I compiled these prayer quotes into a book, so others may benefit from their insight. Since this book is in electronic form, you can use the search functionality in your e-reader to search different authors or specific topics. The book itself has been characterized by topics, which you can find at the beginning in the table of contents. There has been a few resources added at the end that will additionally help encourage prayer.

    I hope you find this resource helpful. The Prayer Quotes book can add to your personal studies, give you ideas on connecting with God, and enhance your knowledge of Him. You can buy it here. After you get the book, please take the time to also add a review on Amazon. This helps more people find it and  know if it will benefit them.


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