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God's Heart Burns for You

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    Worship music is one of the best ways to draw into the heart of God. In worship you find yourself expressing your desires for more of God. It is one of those times in life where you feel the love and gratitude you have for God welling up to the surface. This past Sunday at church, I was once again sensing my deep desire to live in complete love of my Heavenly Father. We were singing the chorus to Obsession by Delirious?, and suddenly I felt God was singing the same chorus to us with the same passion we were singing it.

    We cannot have a expression of love for God that is greater than any He has for us.

    Is that right? Absolutely! We love because God first loved us (1 John 4:19). Therefore, we cannot have a expression of love for God that is greater than any He has for us. There are so many comforting thoughts in this. We can never out-love God. We do not have to convince Him to love us. He will never reject our approach to Him (James 4:8). You can have complete confidence with God because He is incredibly in love with you.

    Stop what you are doing for a couple minutes and take this in. Think about how much He loves you. He loves your heart, your laugh, your eyes. He loves hearing your voice, even if you are not talking to Him. You make Him laugh. He delights in you. The more you allow that to sink in, the more you will want to pray and spend time with Him.

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