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Do More Fun Things

    As you know, summer is here which for most people means—vacation! I always loved vacations growing up and looked forward to them for months in advance. My family would get free tickets to Disney World every year, so that is where we normally ended up going. I never got tired of it; but as I have gotten older, my idea of a fun vacation has changed.

    Now that I am married, one of the hobbies I share with my husband is traveling to new places. We’ve been to 43 states, lived overseas, and traveled on five continents. There is just nothing we enjoy more than experiencing new places, new sounds, new food, and new people.

    What are some things you like to do? Is there a hobby you would like to pursue further, a friendship you would like to strengthen, a place you would like to visit?

    Summer can be a great time to dream a little and try some new things. The kids aren’t in school and you have some vacation time built up. Why not do something you enjoy? While you think about that…

    Here are some great things to do in June:

    • Get your car checked out for safety and have the oil changed before going on vacation.
    • Go through your children’s closet and donate any clothes that they have outgrown.
    • Change your family’s toothbrushes.
    • Compile a list of people you would like to see over the summer, contact them, and stab a date.
    • Get some alone time by planting flowers or veggies.

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