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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : worldview : Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me?

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me?

    Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me?

    Life Comes At You Fast

    Nationwide has been telling us for some time that life comes at us fast. The campaign resonates with many people because we have experienced those unexpected life events where you are going to make a quick run to get some milk and your life is changed. This almost happened to me last week.

    Everyday I ride my bike to go to language class. Since I park under my apartment with the cars, I need to either carry my bike back up the stairs to get out or follow a car through the gate.

    Thursday, I heard a car heading for the gate, so I rode fast to catch up with it. As I approached the gate, I realized the gate was going to close before I got through.

    I Had a Decision to Make

    I had a decision to make. Do I plow ahead into the gate or try to quickly brake? Braking seemed the safer option.

    However, a combination of the speed I picked up, the incline to get out, and the inexplicable reason I hit the front brake instead of both compiled to create enough inertia to send me over the top of my handlebars. My short flight through the air came to a hard thud face down on concrete. Uncontrollably I started screaming.

    It was not very manly or brave, but all I could think was that I just broke a rib, I’m alone in the basement, and I don’t want to go to a Chinese hospital.

    What Was a Surprise to Me Didn’t Take God Off-Guard

    What was a surprise to me didn’t take God off-guard. We know that nothing can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:38-39). We are always residing in His love and protection. Nothing and no one can remove us from God’s hands (John 10:28-29). If this is the case, how are we to view the bad things that happen to us?

    How Are We to View the Bad Things That Happen To Us?

    We are told Satan asks permission to bring disaster to Job. This interaction has left many confused about the goodness of God. Did God send the trial? He knew what was going on (Psalm 139:16). He consented to the request. However God also doesn’t tempt us to evil (James 1:13). There is no evil in Him. Sin, death, and pain are all works of the enemy (John 10:10).

    A Sign of God’s Love

    Then why did God give approval for me to flip over my bike? Life’s questions always come back to our view of God. My understanding of the Bible is that God has an unfailing, immeasurable love for me. Therefore whatever happens to me, is an opportunity to experience more of His love.

    In reality my accident last week could have been a lot worse. Although I had a lot of pain and initial fear, nothing was broken. Even though I went over my handlebars without a helmet, I didn’t hit my head on the hard concrete.

    There is no question that God protected me. Maybe the question shouldn’t have been directed to God but instead to me. Would I find God’s goodness within the accident and give Him thanks?

    An Opportunity for Increase

    Whatever God sends our way is also for our increase. God is always looking to bless you (Romans 8:28). He is a good Father, and He is looking to call us into everything He has for us.

    Don’t get caught up in everything Job lost. God was the one who brought him up to Satan. God was proud of Job and was more than eager to show off how amazing God thought Job was.

    The truth is God sees you as amazing too. I know my bike accident is minor to some of the things others of you are going through, but this doesn’t change these two facts: God loves you and sees you as amazing.

    Whatever the bad thing is that is happening to you, look for how God is showing you His love and how you can find the opportunity for increase in your walk with God. God is not punishing you; He’s calling you to the more He has for you.

    4 thoughts on “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Me?”

    1. Precious Brother i love your words of wisdom and encouragement we all need to
      remember what you said.Our father is never taken by surprise.
      Prayer is our life line however,LOVE is the KEY.
      Warmest love in Christ

    2. Dear Kevin; I am the one who always ask questions! I am a mother/grandmother/great-grandmother, forgive me – So here is the question; as you live in the apartments why haven’t you got a scanner or ticket to operate the gate for yourself, as you live in the building, then you can enter/leave at will?? Then you are like the other vehicle owners and don’t have to wait for someone else to open gate or take bike upstairs?? Is that a problem?? I feel your pain, but this would be my solution, if it’s possible and you may have tried but to no avail??? Blessings Liliana

      1. Liliana,
        I have moved away from this apartment, but I can answer the questions you brought up. There was a scanner to exit the basement garage, but only for those who had purchased a parking space. At the time of this accident, I only had a bike in the country, so there was no need for the parking space. There was a bike gate at the other end of the garage, but it was the opposite direction of where I was heading. I was being impatient, and trying to use the gate in a way that was not intended.
        It is great that even in our mistakes and messes, God still wants to speak to us!

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