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Amp Up Your Christian Life

    Amp Up Christian Life

    Amp Up Your Christian Life

    Since you are reading this post, I know that you love God and desire to live a significant life with Him. The Holy Spirit within you is motivating you on toward deeper levels of faith and a desire to accomplish more for God.

    However, I would also guess you are not satisfied with your current levels of devotion. Maybe you are aware of areas of failures in your life, or maybe you recognize others that are further ahead than you. Whatever the reason, you are ready to amp up your Christian life.

    Do You Really Love God?

    If you are like the majority of Christians, your trouble is not with God’s love for you. That issue seems solidly implanted into your heart. You may not really know why He chooses to love you, but you don’t question its truth.

    The major issue is whether you really love Him. You want to emphatic say you love God, however, you are aware of those areas above that seem to indicate a lack of devotion. Maybe you feel you should be more consistent in your prayers or more loving to your family and/or coworkers. You may feel if you truly loved Jesus, you would be getting this by now.

    Peter Doubted His Love

    Peter experienced these same doubts. He left everything to follow Jesus. He saw Jesus raise people from the dead, heard God speaking to Jesus, and witnessed Moses and Elijah with Jesus. Peter walked with Him for three years and shared life with Him.

    Yet, at Jesus’ darkest hour, Peter denied Him three times. Jesus told Peter it would happen, and Jesus looked up at him acknowledging Peter’s third denial. Peter thought his love for Jesus was a given, then this happens. Peter left distraught and wept bitterly (Matthew 26:69-75).

    After Jesus’ resurrection, He comes to Peter and asks him three times if Peter loves him (John 21:15-19). At the third time Jesus asks this, Peter becomes deeply hurt. He says, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.”

    I believe this is what Jesus was moving Peter towards. It wasn’t to get Peter to question his love for Jesus but to get Peter to realize that Jesus knew that Peter loved him even in the midst of his mistakes.

    Jesus Knows You Love Him

    Jesus wants this for us as well. He wants to tell us,” I have seen your failures and inconsistencies, but I also see your love. I know how you look to Me. I’ve seen how you have chosen to keep trying to come to Me. Many people would have given up, but not you. You believe in Me.”

    To know God’s love for you and trust in your love for God are powerful beliefs to amp up your Christian life.

    My Wife Knows I Love Her

    Can you imagine if I told my wife I loved her in order to convince her that I loved her? That wouldn’t be a fun marriage. No, I tell her I love her because I enjoy telling her, and she enjoys hearing it.

    If I make her coffee in the morning or fix dinner for the family, it is also not to convince her of my love. I do it because it is my joy to do them. These things help build our relationship, but they will not prove love.

    Freedom to Love God Amps Up Your Love

    The freedom to serve and enjoy the relationship is found in the trust formed by love. God knows you are not perfect. Sure, you make mistakes, but God wants you to know He doesn’t doubt your love.

    Confess when you have done things that hurt your relationship with God. Do things that enhance the relationship. Continue to trust your love for Him. God knows it is real. You have nothing to prove; you only get to enjoy the depth and wonder of the relationship. Consistency in your walk will come as you continue to choose to love. Jesus knows this truth will amp up your Christian life.

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