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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : 50 Great Prayer Blogs

50 Great Prayer Blogs

50 Great Prayer Blogs

This article originally appeared on sometime around 2011. It has since been taken down. I have updated the list to fill out sites that have been taken down with new sites that are now available. This page was last updated February 2023. The inclusion of the blogs are not an endorsement by the Prayer Coach site, but with the variety of Christian perspectives you may find some new useful ways to connect with God.

Prayer. It is a key discipline of the Christian faith and a commandment to all believers. Still more, Christians are commanded to pray without ceasing. Without ceasing? In today’s day and age, prayer can seem like a difficult task. How can one remain focused and listening to God’s voice when we have jobs and family and errands and commitments demanding our immediate attention? We suggest a little research. And we believe that this list is a good place to start. Explore these best blogs for prayer, and begin to pick up tips and useful habits for leading an unceasing prayer life.

Top Five

  1. Prayer Coach: Our site was on the original top sites, which of course we feel like it should belong. 🙂 We started in 1998 and our goal is the improve your prayer times by convincing you how much God likes you and wants to hear from you. Here is the original write-up:
    • Why We Love It: Make good use of Kevin’s prayer guides, his collections of prayer quotes, and his explanations on how prayer works. We especially like his posts for couples: “10 Things to Pray For Your Husband” and “10 Things to Pray For Your Wife.”
    • Favorite Post: 7 Tips to a Better Prayer Life
  2. 24-7 Prayer International: 24-7 Prayer has no borders. This international, interdenominational prayer movement, which started as a student gathering in England in 1999, has spread to over one hundred nations around the world. 24-7 Prayer aims to cover all moments of time in prayer. This blog allows you to follow the endeavors of 24-7 Prayer and to learn about the power of praying without ceasing.
    • Why We Love It: We love how this blog emphasizes how prayer doesn’t just happen in your little church at home. It happens around the globe– and it makes a huge difference in the world! Prayer here is synonymous with action.
    • Favorite Post: 5 Ways to Pray Together as a Family
  3. Prayer Habits (now Jared Dees blog): Prayer Habits is a blog that brings you many tips for building prayer into your life. It helps to give you a structure to your prayer life, advise you on ways to maximize your focus, and corrects you on the proper mentality that is necessary for righteous prayer.
    • Why We Love It: This blog really seeks to help people establish a habit of a prayerful life because prayer is meant to be ongoing in all areas of life. Not just in times of great need.
    • Favorite Post: Finding Time to Pray
  4. The Praying Woman: The Praying Woman is a blog dedicated to helping women develop and maintain a strong prayer life. With daily devotionals, personal stories, and resources for building a consistent prayer practice, it is a great resource for women looking to grow in their faith.
  5. Kim Butts: Kim has written several books on pray and her blog is filled with hope and encouragement.

The Rest of the Best

  1. A Blog on Prayer: These bite-sized, thought-provoking posts on prayer are filled with Scripture and small contemplations on how we ought to pray. Consider how to pray with humility, faith, and hope by following along with this blog.
  2. A Daily Prayer: Scripture says to pray without ceasing. This blog takes a step in that direction by posting a prayer every day. These prayers can act as prompts to your own prayer life when it is hard to pray.
  3. Arabah Joy: Arabah has written many helpful articles on prayer, as well as other ways to connect with God. Her goal is to help you flourish with God.
  4. Bob Hostetler’s Prayer Blog: Writer and speaker Bob Hostetler shares his prayers on this blog. Read Bob’s prayers for all aspects of his life: prayers for vacation, holidays, spiritual guidance and growth, and more.
  5. chris erdman (now the Flourish blog): These mini thought-prompts serve as great ways to begin out your time of prayer. See a daily photograph and short exhortation from Chris on how to focus your mind for prayer and meditation.
  6. Christian Classics Ethereal Library: This is not a prayer blog, but there are so many classical books on prayer that you can read on this site, you will be glad I added this link.
  7. Christian Net: A magazine style site that pulls together Christian articles on prayer. Their goal is provide Christians with biblical answers to religious topics in a new way.
  8. Coffee With Starla: Starla uses her life experiences to encourage women going through hard times.
  9. Daily Prayer: Every day brings a new series of prayers, a thought-provoking quote, and a passage of Scripture. We love how this blog gives you multiple things to read and meditate on throughout your day.
  10. Dave Butts: Dave and his wife, Kim, have the Harvest Prayer Ministries. You will find many prayer resources on their site, and Dave’s blog is rich with prayer perspectives.
  11. FaithGateway: A collection of articles from many popular authors on prayer.
  12. Forward Day by Day: This blog, from the ministry of Forward Movement, offers daily prayers, readings, and reflections from the Episcopal lectionary. Follow what centuries of saints have wanted their people to know for spiritual growth and deeper connection with God.
  13. Garments of Praise: Christin is a homeschool mom who has put together a collection of prayers and printables to help your pursuit of God.
  14. Harry Plantinga: Harry seems to be the curator of the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. His blog had so many good insights on prayer that I wanted to include it.
  15. Henri Nouwen: This blog contains snippets of Henri Nouwen’s writings for meditation and to experience yourself as God’s beloved.
  16. His Mercy is New: Candace uses Scriptures as a jumping off point to pray for people and circumstances.
  17. Holy Land Prayer: Written prayers for many occasions.
  18. Intercessors for America: Intercessors for America wants to help the church intercede for the nation and its leaders. These prayer guides and resources will equip you to pray.
  19. International House of Prayer Blog: Prayer Room: International House of Prayer ministry is devoted to training up intercessory missionaries to live a life of prayer. You can join in by reading through their posts on what makes for powerfully effective prayer in your life.
  20. Jesus Comes: John and Laurel Moses desire to see the people walk in the ways of God. This is a new blog, but I feel it can become rich with content.
  21. Lynne Hammond: Daily morning prayers that model Spirit-led prayers.
  22. Mark Batterson: This blog, written by bestselling author Mark Batterson, offers practical advice and inspiration for incorporating prayer into your life and using it to achieve your goals and overcome your fears.
  23. Moms in Prayer: This organization’s goal is to gather mothers to pray for the kids and schools. This blog is a resource and encouragement toward prayer initiatives.
  24. Pray as You Go: This blog offers daily audio prayers, meditations, and reflections to help you stay connected with God throughout the day.
  25. Pray for Everything: This site is packed with prayers for most any occasion. Empower yourself to move toward God for any situation.
  26. Pray With Confidence: Jessie Synan helps busy women overcome prayer obstacles. Her simple steps to encourage you to find yourself closer to God.
  27. Prayer A to Z: Stephen Nielsen used to work with Billy Graham’s Ministry praying for people over the phone. He has written several books on prayer and has regular blog posts for several years.
  28. Prayer Link: This is more of a list of articles than a prayer blog, but you find great resources like equipping church leaders in prayer and leading prayer meetings.
  29. Prayer Point: Terry Teykl uses his prayer blog to assist people in the growth of their prayer life and to enhance their relationship with God.
  30. Prayer Points by Jon Graf: Jon is a part of the ChurchPrayer Leaders Network. He has a post on Prayer Mentors that is worth the visit.
  31. Prayer, Plain and Simple: Ever feel like you can’t talk to God unless it’s REALLY important? The writer of this blog would disagree. Prayer Plain and Simple encourages you to talk to God about the as well as the major.
  32. Prayercast: What to change the world? Prayercast will lead you through prayers for every nation.
  33. Praying in Color: This blog offers daily prayers, meditations, and reflections, along with resources and support for incorporating creativity into your prayer life and spiritual practice. Sybil’s approach is to encourage you to explore new ways of praying and reconnecting with God.
  34. Praying Through Ministries: This blog has a focus on families that have gone through tragedy and loss, but clearly returns our sight back on God in prayer.
  35. Praying Through the Bible: Mark McDowell shares his study of prayers found in the Bible.
  36. Prayrs: Prayrs began with the goal of helping people get their prayers heard. They have created a large collection of prayers for different types of situations.
  37. Renew international: Renew is a ministry committed to unlocking the power of small groups by equipping laity and clergy to share their Catholic faith and live it every day.
  38. Renovaré: Started by author and theologian, Richard Foster, Renovaré advocates fullness of life with God. There is a large collection of articles by many authors on the topic of prayer.
  39. The Contemplative Writer: Lisa has a large collection of prayers from classical author and early Christian saints.
  40. The Life: Prayer isn’t confined to a few minutes in the day. It infiltrates all parts of life, as this blog shows. Read about ways to rejoice, maintain contentment, and answer questions about prayer in the Christian faith.
  41. The Navigators Prayer Blog: This blog provides articles on prayer to disciple believers’ in their faith.
  42. The Upper Room: This blog is a ministry of The Upper Room, a global Christian organization that provides resources and support to help people deepen their spiritual lives. The blog features daily prayers, devotions, and articles on faith and spirituality.
  43. Women Who Pray: Teddi Holt is serious about prayer. Prayer is no simple or neglectable matter. It is hard work! And it oftentimes requires prayer when prayer is the last thing you want to do. So Women Who Pray is a call to those women who are willing to bear this commitment to a conversational faith with their God. Read excellent posts that cover all aspects of the Christian life, including prayer.
  44. World AG Missions Prayer Network: Missions prayer is an outflow of the Assemblies of God with a desire to raise up people to pray for the nations.
  45. World Vision: World Vision is a ministry founded to help those in poverty and suffering hard situations. These prayers are filled with compassion and offering the love of Christ.

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19 thoughts on “50 Great Prayer Blogs”

  1. Thanks for these, just came across them in a ‘prayer blogs’ site. I’ve been blogging for a while on prayer and wanted to see what else was out there. This is a great place to start! Be blessed.

    1. I was glad when this was created as well. The original author did plenty of research of not only finding these blogs, but creating a summary for each one. When this taken down, I wanted to make sure the research and benefits were not lost. I will check out your site.


  2. Thank you for this list. I have been looking for a while and you have really come up with a nice list. I would not have found them if you had not posted. Thank you again and God Bless.

    1. Dear Jenny,
      I’m glad that you found this list helpful. This list was taken from Online Christian Colleges that has since removed the article. I also found it helpful and reposted it for others. They are the ones that did the research for this list. Please let me know if any links go to sites that are no longer there, and I will update the article.

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  4. This list is very helpful to those people who wants to grow more in faith. It gives encouragement to those people who wants to draw closer to God through prayer. God bless.

  5. Prayer don’t work, besides, it’s a form of begging. Why beg? Why part ceaslessly? Don’t God hear the first time? Why does God want us to “beg” him, because praying ceaselessly is begging, no matter how you paint it.

    1. Manny,
      You are correct that many people view prayer as a form of begging. Even those of us who pray, often are trying to get God to do something for us. But that is no the intent with prayer. Prayer is connecting with God. It is spending time with Him and allowing Him spend time with you. It is all about the relationship.

      Still in relationships we ask things of each other. A good example is how my kids will ask things of me. Sometimes I do it right away and others I say no. But there are still other times I may be willing to be talked into it. This happens with friends as well. My friend may ask me to help him move some furniture. I will not always jump at those opportunities, but if it is important to my friend, I will do it.

      While these examples are not perfect, I hope they can give more clarity to how at least I approach my relationship with God.

      Thanks for commenting and I hope you have a good day.

  6. I recommend you guys to check Pastor Henderson of Founder, CEO and Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church & Ministries. I hope you add him to your list of best christian authors. He inspired many people of all genres and backgrounds to face life’s challenging stages with tools, courage, and purpose including me.

    1. Marianna,
      I appreciate you sending us this link. Our decision to not include it is based on the desire to specifically focus on link on prayer. I am glad you found his message helpful to you.

  7. Lisa Marie,

    Thank you for your kind words and the suggestion. That link looks good with several lists of Scripture for specific areas of interests, and written prayers to help give direction and hope. The little I was on the site looked good, but there is a widget that kept coming up requesting that I signup to the latest news. I don’t mind the pop up, but it would not let me browse the site, it kept shutting down all other links for me.

    I hope that either is not an issue for others or is fixed soon, as the site looks to be a good resource.


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