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Resurrection Sunday Dance

A friend of mine posted this video to her Facebook page. I found it interesting, and loved seeing it was in Eastern Europe. You tend to think of Eastern Europe being more reserved, so it was fun thinking how different this must have been. It was also great to see the different types of people involved from young girls to men in ties to elderly.

But as I thought of the power of dance, I was almost overwhelmed by what they were creating. There were declaring that they had something to celebrate. Jesus is alive and we have reason to dance! See more of these videos on Up To Faith. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to “Resurrection Sunday Dance”

  1. Zorrie Cernusco says:

    I could feel the enthusiasm in these beautiful people as they danced and sang! who ever organised this I say “well done”! May God be praised always. I am sharing this one on my Facebook page. thankyou. 🙂


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