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Prayer Quotes – Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke Quotes

  1. Circumstances are transformed when we think differently about them.
  2. Contentment is the peaceful happiness that comes when we are in awe of how God feels about us.
  3. Don’t pray out of need, but out of identity and inheritance. You’ll get a much bigger response.
  4. Don’t be in too much of a hurry until you can keep what you’ve got.
  5. Don’t let the enemy push you into a battle you are not ready for. Keep your focus on Jesus, and natural obstacles will arise because of that.
  6. Every believer already possesses the things they need to both get free and stay free. It’s already in us, put there by God Himself.
  7. Every time God speaks to you, it is to put a smile on your face.
  8. Faith in the nature of God is what keeps you moving even when situations are against you because you KNOW that God is faithful.
  9. God allows in His wisdom what He could easily prevent by His power.
  10. God always speaks to your potential, not your actual.
  11. God and the devil wants to do one thing in common to you; that is to kill you.
  12. God does not measure time, He measures growth.
  13. God is acquainted with grief, he does not live there.
  14. God is always going to focus on your new nature because He killed your old one.
  15. God is always relentless. He is relentless against the enemy. He is relentless towards his people in terms of his kindness and goodness.
  16. God is often silent. This silence doesn’t mean disapproval; in fact, when God is quiet it is generally an indication that He is happy with us. He doesn’t need to constantly reassure His mature sons and daughters when they are doing well; He just lets us be until we look like we’re heading off track.
  17. God is the kindest person I have ever met.
  18. Grace is the empowering presence of God that enables you to become what He sees when He looks at you.
  19. He isn’t going to show you everything at once, but as you go.
  20. Hope believes explicitly in the nature of God. It is a solid defense that opens us up to all that God has purposed.
  21. Hope does not allow the enemy any place to lie to us. It allows no deception. It refuses a negative.
  22. I am not a sick man trying to get well, but a healthy person fighting off a sickness!
  23. If God doesn’t own the creating, making and birthing of something, then He will not own the fruit of it.
  24. If God isn’t saying anything, go back over what He has said.
  25. It’s possible to go through life without touching Heaven as much as the Lord desires you to. Pay attention to the wonder of it all.
  26. Joy is who God is; rejoicing is our response to who God is!
  27. Learn to look beyond your situation and see the fine hand of God at work!
  28. Learn to walk in God’s perception of who you are, because yours is not good enough.
  29. Love does not seek a return.
  30. Love loves for the sake of loving.
  31. Nothing can stop goodness… except fear.
  32. On every new level you must meet a new devil. The purpose of the devil obstacle is to give you strength and power.
  33. Once you get to know God, you never want to stop the conversation.
  34. One person walking with God is in the majority.
  35. Our job is not to bring down the strongholds of the enemy. Our job is to bring down the Presence of God into our midst.
  36. Remember, your circumstances are not the problem. Your perception of your circumstances is the problem!
  37. Rest is a weapon against the enemy. He cannot penetrate your peace.
  38. Tension doesn’t mean there is something wrong, it means there is something happening.
  39. The antidote to my past is not my present being sorted out, it’s me understanding my future.
  40. The church must stop praying like a widow and start praying like a bride.
  41. The days of grace are still here, but the days of leniency are not.
  42. The most intimidating thing to the devil is your intimacy with God.
  43. The truth is that faith and worry cannot inhabit the same space at the same time. One of them has to go, and we get to choose.
  44. There is nothing more important than what you think about God
  45. They came to the temple to worship, pray and give offering. Not to hear preaching. Church isn’t a place to receive, but to give.
  46. Unbelief is easier than faith because it only demands denial.
  47. We are not suppose to spend our lives by being preoccupied by what we are not.
  48. We are not to spend our lives being preoccupied by what we are not.
  49. We cannot build a life by trying to correct weakness. We must build our life by defining & refining the gifts & strength God has given us.
  50. We have to see ourselves as God sees us if we are to be everything He wants us to be.
  51. We must be changed by the heart of God before we can become representative of it.
  52. We must trust Him by not being worried, anxious or fearful. When we speak out our trust, our spirit pushes away the negative.
  53. Whatever we focus on, we give power to. Take your eyes off the negative and you will disempower it.
  54. When I do well, God approves of me. When I do badly, God accepts me.
  55. When you agree with Heaven, then you release its resources.
  56. You are not made to be earth bound in your thinking.
  57. You are your own revival. You don’t need to wait for anything. You need to learn how to live from the inside to the outside.
  58. You can not take ground from the enemy if he has ground in you.
  59. You can’t go to the next level until you defeat the devil at that level. As he submits to you, you use him as your footstool to get to the next level.
  60. You don’t pray for the presence of God. You practice it. We are practicing the presence that we believe is present.
  61. You have no idea how many times God wants to say “yes” to you in your life!
  62. You have to live by faith. You have to believe that God is there when everything says that He is not.
  63. Your frustrations are meant to drive you to God. You can only grow through frustration.
  64. Your intimacy with God is the key source of your intimidation towards the enemy.
  65. Your wildest imagination is nowhere near God’s dream for you.
- Graham Cooke
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