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Praying for Your Pastor

Redeemer Pres Pastor Timothy Keller

One my goals is to be a prayer resource for people. Today I would like to forward you on to Scripture-Based Prayers to Pray for Your Pastor (PDF) by Terry Teykl. While each point is supported with Scripture in the prayer card, the basic points are to pray for:

  • Victory
  • Protection
  • Priorities
  • Focus
  • Holiness
  • Knowledge
  • Family
  • Healing
  • Worship
  • Thoughts
  • Time With God
  • Preaching
  • Lasting Fruit
  • Fear of God

Praying for your pastor is of utmost importance. God has given you this person to lead you in your journey with Him. He is there for your protection and for your guidance. While there is a God’s favor on this position, your pastor is still just a man and needs your prayers. Because of the importance of his position, he will be attacked by the enemy, and just like us, he is not to fight alone. He needs the body of Christ. Your pastor may not ask for it, but he needs it. Print of the PDF about how to pray for your pastor. Use it as a reference, and pray for your pastor.

Praying for your pastor

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2 Responses to “Praying for Your Pastor”

  1. Thanks for posting this one. Being a pastor myself, I have on many occasions felt the need for avid prayer backing. God’s servants are like Moses, they need Ur & Aaron to lift up his hands so that God’s people triumph over the enemy.

  2. John, thank you for your comment. Every pastor needs prayer. They are doing spiritual work that can only be done with spiritual assistance.


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