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IHOP Allyson Prior

Love You Rightly by Allyson Prior

    Love You Rightly by Allyson Prior has had a great effect stirring up devotion in me personally as I have listened to it repeatedly. I hope it blesses you.


    The Shack by William Paul Young

      The Shack by William Paul Young does a great job getting past our preconceived ideas about God and challenges the lies that we believe about Him.

      Seeking Jesus in Our Circumstances

      Seeking Jesus In Our Circumstances

        Pursue God to help give you understanding. It was this kind of pursuit that was rewarded for Mary with a visitation from Jesus. Jesus loves to be pursued.

        God Works for Good

        God Works All Things For Good

          How do we interpret life? Life is had and bad things happen. Still we have to hold fast to the truth that God works all things for good!

          Lies Christians Believe

          Lies Christians Believe

            What are some of the lies Christians believe? I was surprised how many I believed about God and myself. No wonder I couldn’t fully give my all to God.


            Lord, Don’t Give Us What We Deserve?

              When we placed our lives in Christ, we exchanged our lives for His. We have no more fear of judgment of sins. We now deserve everything God died to give.