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understanding the parable of the persistent widow

Understanding the Parable of the Persistent Widow

The parable of the persistent widow teaches us to continue to pray, but perseverance is not about getting what you want. We want to maintain trust in God.

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Tangled Review

Tangled Review

Tangled was full of the normal elements: fun, action, love story, evil villain, and a touch of magic. However, the villain’s method of evil was different.

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Prayer Quote – Alfred Lloyd Tennyson

More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. – Alfred Lloyd Tennyson

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Things Are Not What They Seem

We live in two worlds—or better, in one world with two parts, one part that we can see and one part that we cannot. We are urged, for our own welfare, to act as though the unseen world (the rest of reality) is, in fact, more weighty and more real and more dangerous than the […]

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Prayer Quotes – Armin Gesswein

If God wants us to pray without ceasing, it is because He wants to answer without ceasing! Prayer is not ever thing, but everything is by prayer. Prayer is so major we dare not minor on it any longer.

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What Are You Afraid to Pray For?

John Eldredge’s newsletter from the other morning reiterated the thought from the previous post regarding what we are afraid to ask God for. I have included the email text below. Do You Want to Get Well? 2/17/2010 The shriveled figure lay in the sun like a pile of rags dumped there by accident. It hardly […]

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EM Bounds Quotes

Prayer Quotes – E.M. Bounds

Learn from a great prayer saint. Get motivated by these 40 E.M. Bounds quotes on prayer. Like these? Then grab the free PDF with 100 more prayer quotes from E.M. Bounds.

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