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What Kids Prayers Can Teach Us – Part 2

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Bedtime Routine

Earlier this week I shared what I learned from saying night-time prayers with my youngest daughter. I thought it was only fair to share something from the oldest. As she has gotten older I have added more things to our routine. Lately I have been praying Paul’s prayer for her as found inĀ Ephesians 3:16-19. (If you are interested we did the Lord’s Prayer for a year than migrated to this to add variety.)

Here are some things this practice has taught me:

  1. I have learned how important it is to pray Scripture over my children. It is broadening out my prayers for the girls more than what I naturally would think on my own.
  2. I am reminded how important a routine is for kids. If I feel like it is late and try to skip this part of the prayers, she lets me know.
  3. I have also realize how little I valued this as effective prayer by wanting to skip it when I’m in a hurry.
  4. I have learned how important this time of night-time prayers and this particular prayer routine is in teaching my children love of the Bible and learning what it says.
  5. I like how in this passage we are reminded that my ability to dwell in love is tied to knowing the depth of God’s love.
  6. I like the reminder that love is tied to faith not knowledge.
  7. I like how praying this passage each day has embedded it deeper into my own heart.

What are some ways you pray with your kids?

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