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Facing Adversity and Fear – Matt Chandler

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For those who have yet to hear, the Village Church pastor, Matt Chandler, has gone into surgery this morning to have some of his right frontal lobe removed. Please continue in prayer for him and his family.

I wanted to forward on the link to his last post before going into surgery. He has provided some clear thoughts that can give hope to others going through adversity.  Please check out his post: My Heart is full…I am Thankful.

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  1. Updates from Matt’s wife, Lauren Chandler:

    [quote]From Tues 12/08: To clarify: Matt’s left side is mobile just weak. Therapists + drs are very positive. We expect a full recovery.

    From Thur 12/10: We’re in rehab. Matt is looking forward to working hard (of course!). Can’t help but sing the Amy Winehouse song in my head.[/quote]

  2. Updates from the Village church blog (

    [quote]Matt was released from the hospital yesterday.
    The brain surgery did not remove the entire tumor.[/quote]

    Please continue to pray for Matt.

  3. Please continue to pray for Matt’s health and recovery.

    Since I realized some do not know Matt, here is a short 3 minute YouTube clip ( exposing his heart for ministry. He is a good voice in our world.


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