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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : 2022 Birthday Sale

2022 Birthday Sale

I would love to give you a gift on my birthday. From 9/30/2022 – 10/3/2022, there will be discounts on several books from Prayer Coach. Some Kindle versions will be free or significantly reduced.

If you already have these books, please go over and leave a review for others. We have over 5,000 books sold. Your reviews will help get them to even more people.

Vol 1: Why We Talk to God

Within this book, you will be taken on a journey exploring why prayer is easier than we often make it out to be. You will read about the burdens we put on prayer and the blessings God offers. Each chapter will end with a guided prayer with an opportunity to be silent before God.

Buy on Amazon: Sept 30th price: $3.99

While we are fixated on getting the words correct or our mental focus in check, God is waiting to spend time with us. Resist the temptation to skip the guided prayers and press into what God may have for you. The Bible is full of stories where He has surprised His people and, as you read the stories shared in this book, you will see God continues to surprise us.

Remember, God loves to spend time with you; and through the following chapters you have verses and examples to give you confidence every time you pray.

1. The Possibilities in Prayer
2. The Pressures Put on Prayer
3. The Misconceptions of Prayer
4. The Motivation to Pray
5. Our Return Through Prayer
6. What Hinders Our Prayers
7. The Invitation to Pray
8. The Conversation Called Prayer
9. The Power in Prayer
10. You Are Changed Through Prayer

Buy on Amazon: Sept 30th price: $3.99

Vol 2: How We Talk to God

Within this book, you will explore several different practices that can form your prayers. Each chapter will take your through Scriptures that you can later use for your own Bible study on prayer. God is not restricted by the how of prayer, He provides an abundance of ways to connect with Him. Allow your friendship with God be opened up in all the ways God wants to interact with you.

Buy on Amazon: Sept 30th price: $3.99

Start your day with God. End your days with God. Maintain your connection with Him throughout your day. Within these pages find the grace for purpose and direction of prayer. Talk to God; pray to Jesus. Get the prayer training to level up your prayers.

Don’t wait to invest in your relationship with God, He has provided numerous ways to connect with Him. You are sure to find ones that match your personality and personal expression. Through the following chapters you will have verses and examples to give you confidence in how you pray.

  1. Prayer Listens to God’s Voice
  2. Prayer Uses Imagination
  3. Prayer Clings to Faith
  4. Prayer Realigns Your Focus
  5. Pray with Your Mind
  6. Pray with Your Spirit
  7. Pray with Your Creativity
  8. Pray with Others
Buy on Amazon: Sept 30th price: $3.99

Other Books On Sale

Abundant Living

Abundant Living explores how Jesus prepared His disciples for ministry. Before setting them off on their own, Jesus gives them teachings and examples of how to be successful. Jesus came that we may have an abundant life. It doesn’t come from going at it alone, but staying in constant contact with God.

Buy on Amazon: Sept 30th price: Free

In this book, the author expounds on Luke 8 pulling out simple truths to help you tap into this great provision. He weaves together Biblical truths with his own personal experiences to reveal how to apply these truths to your own life. Whether you are traveling with him to China or never leaving the city you were born, God has an amazing adventure for you to stretch your faith and reward you with a greater connection with Him.

Jesus is looking for mothers and brothers to live out these truths. Will you pursue Him into this abundant life?

Buy on Amazon: Sept 30th price: Free

Supernatural Breakthrough in Prayer

Let us be the people of God that rebuke the protagonists with the miraculous. Sure Jesus told Thomas it is better for those who believe and don’t see, but He still showed Thomas His hands and feet. God wants to be experienced and will remove every barrier if we would just let Him.

Buy on Amazon: Sept 30th price: Free

In this short book, I have added three sample prayers to help you get started believing for supernatural breakthrough in your own prayers. I have found just reading them to God has a powerful effect on my outlook.

Get excited for this adventure with God. He has more waiting for you.

Buy on Amazon: Sept 30th price: Free