Expectation of Good - Hope

Hope is the Expectation of Good for this Year

08 January 2018

I have been feeling that the expectation of good is the phrase for this coming year. For some, last year was difficult, and while we are glad for a new year, our experiences don’t always give us hope.

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discover how god made you

Incredible Tool for Discovering How God Made You

31 December 2017

Awaken your heart by discovering how God made you. Make this coming year amazing by partnering with God and engaging in what He has put in you.

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pray for this christmas

12 Things to Pray for This Christmas

14 December 2017

Jesus came to the earth to make a way for people to come to God. Our prayers can partner with God’s heart. Here are 12 things to pray for this Christmas:

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other peoples problems

Entering Other People’s Problems

06 December 2017

We cannot avoid entering into other people’s problems. We don’t have to have the answer. Just give a hug and prayer to let them know they are not alone.

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Pray for Missionaries Christmas

Pray for Missionaries This Christmas

29 November 2017

Don’t feel sorry for these missionaries; just be mindful of them and pray a little extra on their behalf. By this, you will also help spread the gospel.

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Give Thanks in All Things

How to Give Thanks in All Things

22 November 2017

Things happen in life that makes us sad. Giving thanks in all things doesn’t remove our grief, it positions us to see the goodness of God coming from it.

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Benefit Sharing Faith

You Benefit By Sharing Your Faith

18 November 2017

Sharing our faith reminds us of God’s truth applied to real people. And, those words reveal to us more of those good things God wants us to have as well.

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Hell is a warning for christians

Hell is a Warning For Christians

07 November 2017

People who die without Jesus will have made a terribly bad choice, but hell is a warning for Christians. It should compel us to tell of God’s love.

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Loving God Send People to Hell

How Can a Loving God Send Someone to Hell?

01 November 2017

One of the biggest problems that people who don’t know God have with Him is figuring out how a loving God can send anyone to hell.

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Christians Embrace Halloween

Should Christians Embrace Halloween?

24 October 2017

Some Christians condemn Halloween, some create a family-friendly harvest festival, and others will embrace Halloween completely. How should you navigate it?

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Anyone Can Bring Revival

A Surefire Way Literally Anyone Can Bring Revival

19 October 2017

Jesus has done everything for us to have revival now. While the obstacles to bring revival are on us, they are not as great as we commonly think.

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Blinding More Of God

This Common Behavior Is Blinding You From Having More of God

11 October 2017

We are compensating for a pain that is no longer real. Jesus paid it all on the cross. We now have to retrain our minds to believe it to have more of God.

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