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Prayer Coach Prayer Coach : Kevin Shorter : contact kevin shorter

contact kevin shorter

contact kevin shorter

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  1. Hello Kevin
    Firstly thank you for your teaching entitled ‘Prayer Coach’.

    You mentioned in this teaching how important it is for us to hear the voice of God. Well, I have been a Christian for thirty years, have studied for a Bachelor of Theology, have attended a missions discipleship course but have never had teaching on how to hear the voice of God. Over the years I have googled and have tried a number of things in order to hear God but to no avail.

    I have run ahead of God many a time and have served on the mission field under various ministry leaders and simply done whatever they have asked of me. This has caused a lot of frustration in my life as I long to be used by God and to accomplish His purpose for my life (whatever that might be).

    Kevin would you kindly send me your teaching on ‘Hearing the voice of God’ or alternatively recommend some resources or books that I could study on this topic.

    Thank You


    Clive Russell

    1. Clive,
      Thank you for your encouragement. I have these two articles I have written, but they also have some resources on the articles.

      My biggest suggestion is to take the time to listen and use John 10:10 as a rule of thumb. If you ask God to speak and what you hear leads you to hope, life, greater faith, and produces the fruit of the spirit – then trust it is from God. If what you hear leads you to fear, isolation, condemnation, death, and destruction – then toss it, it’s probably from the enemy.

      Also Mark Virkler has a teaching that was extremely helpful to me. He encouraged the use of journaling what you hear. I love this because you can just write it down and “judge it” later. Often when you judge it at the time of listening, you shut off the connection. Listening takes faith. Judging produces doubt. Journaling helps you remember what you heard and allows you question what you hear without disconnecting from God.

      Hope that helps. Blessings.

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