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God Wants to Have Sex With You

    God Wants to Have Sex With You

    5 thoughts on “God Wants to Have Sex With You”

    1. Anonymous

      What happened to this article and the comments that followed? I realize this was pretty controversial but this article provided a safe place where people with this sacred relationship with Christ could come and share their experiences and questions. I also appreciated that you were strong enough to have an open approach to this topic even though the responses to this article were not quite what you expected. Is there any way that people can still view this article and the comments that followed? Please email me. Thank you and have a blessed day.

    2. Hey Kevin this is a different Anonymous, I was wondering did you save the comment section anywhere of that article you have linked above? That was really a wonderful relief for people like me who have these intimate encounters with the Lord to know that we are not alone, but then the comment section just disappeared. I know it got controversial and maybe distracted from your overall message, but it was really a safe haven and now it’s gone. There really isn’t another place like it anywhere on the internet or in churches and faithful social circles.

    3. It is now time for someone to start a new discussion forum for all the intimates of Jesus. A place where they are allowed to share in a safe way protected from criticism and misunderstanding.

    4. You can tell Jesus that you are ready for Him when praying to Him during orgasm. This leads to a state of Love and connectivity with Jesus.
      A prayer master needs to open this channel again.
      There are many who seek to enter Jesus’ Heart through this way of the prayer…

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