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100+ Steve and Wendy Backlund Quotes

Steve and Wendy Backlund Quotes copy

Steve Backlund Quotes

  1. A glad Jesus messes up many people’s theology.
  2. A lot of what we call our personality is really just bad beliefs.
  3. Abundant gratefulness is a sign of a flourishing soul.
  4. Believing lies empowers a disempowered devil.
  5. Even if circumstances have not changed, thankfulness will alter our perspective from doubt to faith.
  6. Every problem is an opportunity to see how big my God is.
  7. Experience often masquerades itself as truth.
  8. Experience will catch up to beliefs; the gap time is called faith.
  9. How we feel about ourselves will strongly affect how we feel about others.
  10. Identifying and removing doubt in ourselves is one of the most important things we can do.
  11. If we believe all circumstances are good, we will subconsciously think prayer is pointless.
  12. If we lack confidence in prayer, then we need to study God’s Word until we know His promises concerning the key areas of our lives.
  13. If you watch your heart and your mind, you won’t need to watch your mouth.
  14. It is one thing to have faith that God can do something, it is quite another to believe that we can do the same thing in His name.
  15. Ministry does not primarily come from what we know, it comes from who we are.
  16. Once you stop believing in people, you stop being a leader.
  17. One of the greatest revelations we can ever get is that the tongue has power to release life wherever we go.
  18. Our declarations change the course of our lives by small degrees, but what a difference it makes in our final destination!
  19. Our response to imperfect leaders in our lives reveals how ready we really are to lead.
  20. Our response to things is almost always more important than the thing that is happening.
  21. Our trust and faith in God grows in proportion to knowing His character, goodness and trustworthiness.
  22. Our view of the end times can be a deciding factor in whether we are positive or negative in our lives.
  23. Success isn’t a place to reach, but a state of being.
  24. The future is in the mouth of intentional speakers.
  25. The Kingdom of God is not advanced by good conduct. It’s moved forward by good beliefs.
  26. The proper interpretation of Scripture will always give you hope.
  27. Our hope levels are indicators of whether we are believing truth or lies.
  28. The question is not ‘Lord, tell me what to do.’ The question is ‘Lord, tell me what to believe.’
  29. The reason you are hopeless about yourself is because your faith is in YOU.
  30. There will be a crack in our spiritual foundation if we use “if it be your will” in prayer for things God already declared as His will.
  31. Thinking everything that happens will work out for good weakens our hope, and makes us depend on “I hope this works” praying, rather than confidence in prayer as God intends.
  32. Vision for the future gives power for the present.
  33. We cannot have a change in behavior without a change in the way we think.
  34. We do not go forward by looking backward. We are not called to fix an old life but to find a new life.
  35. What we believe after we pray is just as important as what we believe when we pray.
  36. What we say about a matter after we pray is just as important as what we say when we pray.
  37. Wrong core beliefs hinder confidence in the power of our prayers.
  38. You are not called to give information; you are called to release life.
  39. You don’t have to convince God to bless you. You have to convince yourself to receive it.
  40. Your past isn’t your problem. Your current beliefs are. Your problem is not your problem, your perspective is.
  41. As a leader, you want to be the hungriest one for growth in the group.
  42. God is looking for big believers who believe big things about small circumstances.
  43. God wants to get our prayers and expectations into unity.
  44. If you are an empowering leader you will focus more on who people are over what they should do.
  45. If you can’t inspire yourself, it will be difficult to inspire others.
  46. In order to believe something different you need to hear something different, and I will not wait for someone to say something different I need to be hearing now.
  47. Laughter is a powerful weapon to break off the absurdity of what we believe.
  48. Leaders believe in people more than the people believe in themselves.
  49. Our spiritual load bearing capacity is directly proportional to our joy.
  50. The devil tells us that laughter in a church meeting is from the devil.
  51. The greatest words you need to hear will sound ridiculous when you first hear it.
  52. The nature of faith is you believe something before you see it.
  53. We can’t consistently do what we don’t believe we are.
  54. What we believe is more important than what we do.

Wendy Backlund Quotes

  1. As we battle spiritual forces, it is important to distinguish between the burden of the Lord and the weight of unbelief.
  2. Bad emotions are not going to go away just by praying longer and harder or fasting. We replace them by repenting of wrong core beliefs that hinder confidence in the power of our prayers.
  3. Even in prayer I am amazed at how often people will repeat to God the negative, hopeless thoughts that were inspired by listening to the enemy.
  4. Fear actually creates static in the spirit realm that prevents us from hearing God’s voice clearly.
  5. Fear is faith in the power of the enemy!
  6. Often we do not realize the value of spending time with God when we are not praying for needs.
  7. Our intimacy and relationship with Him will have a direct correlation to our level of faith; not because it “earns” us more authority, but because it gives something for our faith to stand on.
  8. Sometimes believers mistake the enemies voice for their own, and are surprised to find that God’s voice can also be confused with their own.
  9. The enemy tries to get us to fight him on the turf called fear.
  10. The process of learning to distinguish between the voice of our spirit and the voice of our mind is a journey of trial and error.
  11. Through practice and knowing what to look for, we can become confident in our ability to hear His voice.
  12. Unconsciously, we limit God from speaking to us because we are straining to hear words.
  13. We need to fully believe that God can compensate for our apparent spiritual deafness.
  14. We remove the fear of making a mistake [in hearing God] by making our God bigger than any mistake we can make.
  15. Don’t go into the pit with them because they feel that it’s ok to stay there.
  16. Faith is visionary not blind. You have seen it in the unseen realm.
  17. Frustration is a sign of hopelessness.
  18. God wants us to be so convinced that we can do what He does that we don’t get discouraged when we fail.
  19. Grieve when you’re supposed to grieve, just don’t grieve without hope.
  20. If we don’t get what we believed in faith, hope keeps us safe by believing something better is coming.
  21. If you believe that God will take care of all your needs, then why do you worry?
  22. If you want to pray in faith, you have to get rid of your fear.
  23. It is impossible to renew your mind and not be transformed.
  24. Joy and hope are always attached to a belief system.
  25. Making a bad decision in faith is better than making a good decision in doubt.
  26. Most of us are trying to do things we don’t actually believe we can do. We are sabotaging our own efforts.
  27. My faith is not in my ability to speak but in His ability to anoint what I say.
  28. Not what did I do wrong but what did I believe when I did that.
  29. People don’t reject you when you are imperfect; they reject you when you try to be perfect.
  30. Satan has been defeated and disarmed, and he needs us to believe his lies so we can carry him into our situations.
  31. The only people who worry about stealing God’s glory are those who don’t know how glorious He is.
  32. The question is not what should I do. The question is what should I believe. Because if I believe the right things then I will do the right things.
  33. Too many Christians are actors rather than believers. They are trying to act like Jesus instead of believing like Him.
  34. We are good at praying but not good at receiving. We are to receive it all by faith.
  35. We have permission to be hopeless about anything God is hopeless about.
  36. We need to be so confident in who we are that we are not moved by our failures.
  37. We tend to have more faith in Adam’s ability to make us a sinner than faith in Jesus’ ability to make us righteous.
  38. We tend to use our experience to challenge the word of God when we are supposed to use the word of God to challenge our experience.
  39. What do I need to believe to have hope in this situation?
  40. When we go down to their level and worry with them we are saying they are without hope.
  41. When we speak we give something to the unseen realm to work with.
  42. When you keep calling out people’s gold, they will start working on their dirt in order for the gold to become more evident.
  43. Worry is imagining your future as if God doesn’t show up.
  44. You can’t shift other people’s atmospheres if you can’t shift your own.
  45. You don’t get your identity by what you’ve done but by what you were created to do.
  46. You know you have beaten that rejection thing when you are surprised when people don’t like you.
  47. Your imagination wasn’t created so the enemy could have a playground but so you could have a place to cultivate your faith.
Steve and Wendy Backlund

Steve and Wendy Backlund Quotes

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5 Responses to “100+ Steve and Wendy Backlund Quotes”

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for the quotes. some of them were encouraging and eye-opening, like the one that says “you don’t have to convince God to bless you, you have to convince yourself to receive it”. I never thought to look at it that way before. But I like it that God would already be intending to bless me. I am always amazed when God does something nice for me just for the sake of showing me His love. And when Jesus welcomed the children to come to Him, the part stands out to me where it says, “And He took them up one by one in His arms and fervently invoked a blessing on them”. It surprises me and baffles me that He CHOOSES to bless people. Then, the other quote, “unconsciously, we limit God from speaking to us because we strain to hear words”. God has spoken to me a lot that way, through a thought where the words come after the idea. And another quote, “fear is faith in the power of the enemy”. It surprised me from that perspective. I never thought I was having faith in Satan’s power by fearing what God might do. (That’s still something I have to work on. :-s)
    Some quotes, though, kind of discouraging, like the first one that says, “a glad Jesus messes up many people’s theology”. Imagining Jesus smiling and being expressive and joyful is the only way I can feel joyful myself. If He isn’t joyful, or in the quote “glad”, then, it makes me feel uptight and tense with Him. And another quote “Thinking everything that happens will work out for good weakens our hope, and makes us depend on “I hope this works” praying, rather than confidence in prayer as God intends”. How could thinking everything works out for good weaken our hope? Isn’t this quote contradicting Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose”? How are we supposed to get through bad times if we can’t console ourselves with believing that it will work out for our good? That is the only way to hold onto hope.
    But all these quotes do give me thoughts to ponder.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Rachel,

      I completely understand that quote that relate to Rom 8:28 can be confusing out of context. You can read the whole summary behind the quote here:

      I think it should answer your question better than I can because, well, it is his quote. 🙂


      • Rachel says:

        Hi Kevin,
        Thank you for the link. I think I understand the difference now. It makes sense.
        I still am confused about the other quote, “a glad Jesus messes up many people’s theology”. Is he saying that people’s theology believes that Jesus is a solemn personality, so the correct theology if seeing Jesus as glad messes up their incorrect theology? Or is he saying that thinking of a glad Jesus is incorrect and that it confuses people who are correct in their thinking?

        • Dear Rachel,

          Most people think God is so angry at sin that He is mad at the world for people’s disobedience. How could God be happy with all the problems in the world? They then become angry as well because we become like how we perceive God. So they are angry at people who sin. The fact is God put all of His anger at sin on Jesus. With His anger removed He can freely love His people who He longs to have by His side. He is happy because He knows the ending. Jesus has overcome the world. Sin is defeated. He can redeem all the evil the enemy has loosed on the earth. He calls people to Himself because not to punish but to set free.


  2. Rachel says:

    hi Kevin,
    thank you for clarifying that for me. that thought had crossed my mind much later after me dwelling on my first interpretation of it, which was thinking that thinking of Jesus being glad is incorrect. then, a thought came to me that it is the people’s theology that is incorrect. but because they think their theology is correct, the thought of Jesus being glad messes up their thinking. so thanks for confirming that thought. 🙂


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