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Prayer Quotes – Heidi Baker

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Heidi Baker Prayer Quotes
  1. All fruitfulness flows from intimacy.
  2. Don’t go out and share Jesus unless you are in love with Him. When you are in love with Jesus, then all you do will radiate Him.
  3. God has told me that I can always pray for one thing: to expand our hearts to love more.
  4. God loves and there is nothing we can do to cause His love to pull away from us.
  5. I believe being poor in spirit is a choice-a decision-we all have to make to go lower still, fully dependent on the One who is always dependable.
  6. If ministry is not about compassion and passion, let it die.
  7. If we are not full of Him we have nothing to offer to anyone else.
  8. If we imitate Jesus, people will see Him when they look at us.
  9. If we start understanding the principles of the kingdom, we will start taking risks.
  10. If you stand, worship, and love God in the midst of lack and difficulty, you will never lose.
  11. Intimate lovers of God are full of power and passion.
  12. Ministry is loving the person in front of you.
  13. Obedience out of love is joy.
  14. Sometimes we make things too complicated when we really need to remember that the kingdom belongs to children.
  15. The Beatitudes are God’s recipe for revival.
  16. The only currency that will heal every culture is ceaseless love.
  17. There is always enough because He died for you.
  18. We must give up all that we are in order to possess all that He is.
  19. We want to be so humble that we are irresistible to the Holy Spirit.
  20. What we need most is to be totally dependent on God showing up. We need His pure presence.
  21. When you’re in love with God, you’re not afraid to yield your life to Him.
  22. You are called to love the broken until they understand God’s love – a love that never dies – through you.
Heidi Baker
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One Response to “Prayer Quotes – Heidi Baker”

  1. louise frankland says:

    Hi Heidi,

    I just love Jesus, and have been totally inspired and wrecked for the ordinary. I have decided that taking risks for Jesus and the Kingdom is more important than anything else my life could be about. I notice that my confidence in God is developing due to trust and faith.


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