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4 Ways to Save on a Gym Membership

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4 Ways to Save on a Gym Membership

Oh how the holiday treats were so tempting! Now as we all come off their sugary daze, many of us think about how to get the weight off. Here are four quick ways to reduce the costs of the new gym membership.

1. Negotiate

There is fierce competition among gyms, therefore they usually are willing to work with you. Think of it like buying a car or house and assume that the listed price is not their final offer. Don’t forget the add-ons. You may get some of those extras for free. You don’t know if you don’t ask.

2. Use Employer and/or Insurer Discounts

Many large companies and insurance companies understand the benefits of having you in a gym membership. Generally, employees who work out are more productive and have fewer health issues. While that may be a blanket statement, these employers and insurance companies will pay you a portion of the gym membership. Ask your HR if you qualify for this reimbursement. For the insurance, check the health plan booklet or ask your representative.

3. Make Use of Trial Memberships

I don’t know of a gym that does not offer a free week’s trial. Make use of these. Some make use of these to never pay; I think that is a tricky game, but you can use them to make you like the gym before committing. The free trial allows you to test the equipment, meet the people who you will workout with, see the caregivers in the nursery, and experiment with routes to and times to go to the gym.

4. Look for Affordable Alternatives

There are many outdoor alternatives to gym memberships. This lacks the weights and special equipment, but if you are looking for aerobic exercise, trials are a good and free alternative.

If you live near a college or university, you may want to see if they open up their facilities to the public. There may be a small fee, but it would be still cheaper than the gyms.

The YMCA also has reduced rate options for those on low income. Look and ask around, you may be surprised of the alternatives.

For more details on this subject check out the article in Money Magazine.

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