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Prayer Quote – Albert D. Belden

  • If it be true that He waits to be gracious then is it not sheer insanity to make no trial of His love
  • If it is a fact that I must pray, and shall pray when cornered by circumstances, then the better I pray the better for me—let me master the practice while there is leisure and time, remembering that here as elsewhere only practice makes perfect.
  • Is it not true that the folk who are most oppressed by the problems of prayer are the people who have least praying experience?
  • It is a totally wrong and fatal idea for one who would really pray to think of God as reluctant or unwilling to bless.
  • No man realizing God’s love will begrudge time for prayer or let business or pleasure take precedence of his sacred trust with love.
  • Prayer at its best is living with mind and heart utterly open to God.
  • The effects of prayer may be conveniently divided into the results of prayer upon the person praying and the results of prayer upon the world.
  • The greatest need of most of us regarding prayer is not the clearing up of its logical problems, but its efficient practice.
  • The prayer-life of man lies rooted in his instinctive recognition of his dependence on some power or being greater than himself.
– Albert D. Belden


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