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Prayer Quotes – Bill Bright

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  1. As you love God and serve Him, you will undoubtedly experience the greatest adventure life has to offer.
  2. Love for God and obedience to His will is the criteria for giving. God desires to bless His children abundantly and promises to do so.
  3. We must talk to God about men before we talk to men about God.
  4. God does not require you to have great faith. You simply are to have faith in a great God.
  5. We need to believe God for great things. God is just waiting for us to believe Him for even greater dreams.
  6. By neglecting fasting and prayer you are blocking a dynamic means by which the Holy Spirit brings change.
  7. Fasting reduces the power of self so that the Holy Spirit can do a more intense work within us.
  8. Fasting, as it relates to prayer, is the spiritual atomic bomb that the Lord has given us against the enemy.
  9. I love Him because He first loved me, and He still does love me, and He will love me forever and ever.
  10. It is not until we know the reality of ‘death to self’ that we can live for Christ and God can truly use and bless us.
  11. Your view of God will impact everything about your life.
Dr. Bill Bright

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