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Minimize Holiday Clutter

Like so many things in life, it is easy to overdo the holidays. You buy turkey platters, Thanksgiving serving dishes, Christmas plates and over-the-top decorations. These things are fun and festive, but too much is difficult to manage with the cleaning, packing, and storing. Before you buy a lot of things you don’t really need, here are a few things to consider to minimize holiday clutter.

  1. Decorate with only what is important and meaningful.
  2. Once all your decorations and ornaments are out, use the ones you enjoy and donate the rest.
  3. If it’s broken, trash it.
  4. Make room for your kids’ new gifts by holding a toy clean-out morning. Toss anything unused, unloved or broken.

Also, consider how you can help others stay clutter-free this holiday season. Give gifts that don’t take up space. Some ideas are:

  • Dinner and movie gift certificates
  • For spouses: I.O.U. coupon to do something for someone like washing the car, washing the dishes, doing an errand, a massage, day-off of parenting, home cooking (from the one who doesn’t usually cook)
  • For girlfriends and sisters: Voucher for a girls night out, babysitting, or manicure
  • Edible gifts: Tea, coffee, chocolate, and home baked goodies
  • Tickets to a show or season passes to the zoo or aquarium
  • Art classes, music lessons, dancing lessons
  • MP3 format music and audio books
  • Give homemade gifts that take the commercialism out of the picture. Thoughtful gifts from the heart are special and don’t have to take up much space.
  • Homemade frozen dinners for new moms, busy people, and for those who don’t cook.
  • For the person who has everything (and too much of it): give the gift of organization! Gift certificates from Shorter Designs are available for all those on your list who would like to be more organized!

Enjoy your holidays and Merry Christmas!!

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