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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed spending time with family and friends. This year was fun for us as it was our first Christmas as parents. Rachel is now 6 months old, and so much fun!

As you may recall from last year, January is “Get Organized” month. We all know resolutions abound to get organized during this time of year. Sometimes you can keep that resolution yourself, and sometime you need a little help.

Hiring a professional organizer is always an option, but if you aren’t interested in someone seeing your mess or if it’s not cost effective for you, I would love to talk to you away from your home. There are two other NAPO organizers in the Winston area, and we are doing two different forums to promote “Get Organized” month.

We will be at Borders in the Thruway Center from 12-2pm on Saturday, January 14. It will be a casual drop-by event where you can bring your questions, get ideas, and pick up books we will have on display to help you get started organizing for the New Year. The three of us will also be speaking at the Main Library in downtown Winston-Salem on Tuesday, January 31 from 1-2pm. Both events are free to the public.

Bring a friend, learn new ideas, and gain inspiration to kick start your New Year! I hope to see you there!

Here are some great things to do in January:

  • As you put your Christmas decorations away, look at ornaments, wreaths, sit around decorations, etc. with a fresh eye. If there are items that are old, broken, faded, or that don’t suit your taste anymore, donate them to charity or toss them out. Don’t let it become clutter!
  • Help your children make choices as to which toys to keep and which to give away. Most kids get lots of toys, games, and even clothes for Christmas. But most families have limited space in their homes, and without consistent purging, toys will overrun your house.
  • Make a decision about Christmas cards you received in the mail. Either toss them now that Christmas is over, or decide to use them for craft projects. If you want to use them as a craft item for next year, put them away with your other decorations. A delayed decision creates clutter, so don’t get stuck trying to decide while they take up valuable room on your kitchen table!

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