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Adjust for the Gas Hike

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Normally I try to write about something helpful to you for the season of the year, and this month isn’t much different.

We all know about the Katrina disaster, climbing gas prices, and many stations running low on gas. It’s amazing how one event so far from home can have such a huge impact on the entire nation. As Americans, we are all in the same boat – our pocketbooks are getting pulled tighter each day, and it seems like no relief is in sight. With this in mind, I wanted to mention a few things we could all do to combine errands, save money and time, and help do our part after this terrible event.

Here are some great things to do in September:

  • Make a lengthy grocery list for the entire week so you won’t have to go back and forth to the grocery store for “just one more thing.” Include staples you are likely to run out of while cooking like butter, milk, eggs, etc.
  • Do more than one thing while you are out to save trips, and plan your route before you leave the house. Think about which stores are the farthest away, and start with them. Then work your way to the places closer to your home. Try not to double back at all.
  • Get involved in a carpool. Whether it’s going to work or taking the kids to school, find someone who lives nearby and go together. Better still, let the kids ride the school bus once in a while if they don’t already ride it.
  • Moms are always telling me how busy they are taking their kids to different activities. Maybe with gas prices like they are, this fall is a good time to let your kids take a break from organized sports and play pick up games in the neighborhood or at a nearby park. This will save you time, gas, and give your child a break he or she may want.
  • Now may be a good time to catch up on your internet shopping and let UPS bring your spoils to you.
  • Consider talking on the phone to friends and family a little more than visiting in person, especially if they live out of town. Time together should not be avoided, but talk on the phone more instead of dropping by occasionally.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the millions that have been directly affected by Katrina…

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