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Unshackle the Romance at Home

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Since most of you who subscribe to this newsletter are young mothers, this month, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we are going to focus on your romantic relationship and how organization can help strengthen it. I have heard people say before that organization does not sound “romantic,” but let’s look at how being organized can ignite that flame! Imagine with me if you will…

The Unromantic Scenario

Your husband comes home from work around 6 as usual. Two weeks worth of mail is piled on the table, toys are everywhere, laundry is haphazardly tossed around the living room waiting to be folded, the kitchen sink is full of dishes, and he doesn’t bat an eye because this is the way things always are when he gets home. You are thinking about what you should eat for dinner while breaking up a fight between your two kids. He stumbles down the hallway toward the bedroom to change his clothes. Your husband comes out and says, “What’s for dinner?” You tell him that he can either call the pizza place for delivery, or you can have yet another frozen dinner.

The Romantic Scenario

Here’s an alternative to the usual scene.

Your husband comes home from work at 6 as usual. The mail has been gone through, and all that is left is important tax information he needs to look at. The toys are all picked up and in toy boxes. There is no laundry or dirty dishes in sight, and he doesn’t even bat an eye because this is the way things always are when he gets home. Dinner is almost done, and the kids are helping you set the table (or getting ready to sit down if they are too little to help). After changing his clothes, he comes to sit down to a nice meal.

Sound impossible? It’s not impossible; it just takes being proactive, setting priorities, and sticking to them. Since organization encompasses so many areas of life, let’s look at how the above scenario uses a few organizational methods.

Unshackling the Romance

First of all, remember to straighten 15-30 minutes a day. When done daily, this would take care of the mail, toys, laundry, and dishes.

Secondly, time management and planning ahead come into play when dinner is involved. When you decide before going to the grocery store what you are going to eat for the next few meals, make a list of all the ingredients you will need to have on hand. When cooking, allow yourself the appropriate amount of time to prepare the meal.

Finally, when dinner is finished, do the dishes right away so you can enjoy time with your family before bed. With the house straightened and quality time spent with your family, there is not really too much hanging over you which would prevent you from having a romantic evening with your husband once the kids go to bed.

By making him feel special, prioritized, and taken care of, he will likely be more at ease and really look forward to coming home at the end of his work day, also causing some spark to come back which may have left a few years ago. (He may also be more willing to help out around the house more!) Why not try some of the above suggestions for the month of February and see what the results are!

Organizational Tips for February

Here are some great things to do in February:

  • Plan ahead for your Valentine’s celebration. Talk with your husband to see who will organize the babysitter, who will plan your time together, expectations, etc.
  • How is your New Year’s resolution progressing? Mark small goals on your calendar to keep your resolution in front of you.
  • Gather all of your tax documents which you should have by January 31, and call your tax preparer for an appointment.

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